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SenseTime Commits to Promoting Fundamental Education of AI and Fosters Closer Cooperation of Industry and Academia

2019-03-25 04:50

March 24, 2019, Beijing – “The 1st International Artificial Intelligence Fair” concluded in Beijing. Hosted by the New Education Research Institute and supported by SenseTime, the event aimed to provide secondary school students worldwide with a platform to exchange their experience in learning AI, and cultivate young people's passion in artificial intelligence and other relevant science subjects. 


This International Artificial Intelligence Fair was officially launched in November 2018, attracting 118 projects from 43 secondary schools in China (including Hong Kong) and 14 projects from 13 schools in the US, India, Japan, and Singapore. The themes of the projects covered face recognition, smart cars, smart campus, environmental prediction, waste sorting, human body abnormal behavior recognition and so on. Professors from prestigious universities such as the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, Peking University, and experts from Apple, Qualcomm, Alibaba, and Cambricon Technologies conducted in-depth idea exchange and communication with the student representatives of the finalists. They also provided professional advice and guidance to those innovative projects.

Hailong Shang, Joint Managing Director of Education Business of SenseTime, said: “SenseTime is committed to promoting the innovation and development of education through application of AI. The objective of this activity is to build an influential AI exchange platform for worldwide secondary school students. By doing that, we can boost the development of fundamental AI education and improve the AI innovation ability of secondary school students comprehensively, and improving China's global influence in the field of artificial intelligence."


Hailong Shang, Joint Managing Director of Education Business of SenseTime, delivered his speech at International Artificial Intelligence Fair                                 

Ngo Phuc Cuong of Hwa Chong Institution said: “This fair provides a very good platform for us to reach out to cutting-edge AI technologies and knowledge, and to communicate and discuss with secondary school students from different schools. We can put our idea into practice and affirm by many experts, which is a great encouragement to both myself and my team. At the same time, using artificial intelligence technology to tackle a practical problem also makes me feel very meaningful." 

This event is an important step for SenseTime’s AI fundamental education strategy. Through cooperation with universities in exhibitions and student intake, SenseTime can tap furthest outstanding AI-talented students in middle-high school and support them for further study in well-known universities at home and abroad. Since the publication of the high school student textbook "Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (High School Edition)" last year, SenseTime has kicked off AI fundamental education in  middle schools in many provinces and cities in China, which will further improve China's talent pool and global competitiveness in this cutting-edge technology field.