A brand-new AI advertising platform and advertising data analysis platform based on AI-powered computer vision technologies.

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SenseFocus Advertising Analytics Platform
Product Description

Leveraging SenseTime's face recognition technology, SenseFocus is an innovative advertising and marketing platform with its front-end authentication and verification devices deployed at hotel receptions. It is currently the face-recognition-enabled hotel check-in network in China.

Product Highlights

Outreach to business travelers: Offers an extensive target reach of hundreds of millions of high-value business travelers and tourists from local and abroad. With devices strategically deployed at hotel receptions across the country, users are reached by advertisements during the check-in procedure, ensuring 100% ad delivery rate. SenseFocus delivers ad directly to target audience with minimal external interference at prime locations

Real-time user data feedback: Records users’ personal attributes, the duration of their stay, their viewing response, and other details to instantly provide advertisers with insights

Programmable Delivery: SenseFocus tailors advertisements according to user attributes, city, district and so on. The deep learning and big data platform mines location data and attribute data, as well as connects online and offline data for more precise advertisement delivery and ROI improvement

Interactive advertising: Helps brands to engage users with fun and interactive advertisements

Comprehensive coverage: Covering most developed regions across the country. Currently offers a complete coverage of Zhejiang province, Hainan province, Qingdao, and Shenzhen, with an average daily reach of over 15-million people across 20,000+ hotels combined

High-quality service guaranteed: Provides AdMaster delivery and monitoring services in addition to delivery strategy and solutions support. SenseTime also cooperates with renowned third-party research firms such as CTR and Nielsen to provide research on advertising efficiency.