A brand-new AI advertising platform and advertising data analysis platform based on AI-powered computer vision technologies.

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SenseU Interactive Advertising Kiosk
Product Description

Leveraging AI-powered technologies in face recognition, motion capture, and augmented reality (AR), the SenseU Interactive Advertising Kisok not only enriches the advertising experience through attractiveness scoring, virtual dance-offs and other AR interactions, but embeds brands into the experience to help brands improve user loyalty.

Product Highlights

Cutting-edge technology: Encourages user engagements through interactive experience powered by facial recognition, motion capture, and AR technologies

Precision marketing: Delivers accurate advertising recommendations based on real-time recognized user attributes, such as genders and ages

Portrait analysis: Provides detailed user portrait reports through facial expression analysis and engagement measurement, for strategic planning and branding

Offline-to-online promotion: Generates the second wave of offline-to-online brand promotion through users sharings on their social media via embedded QR codes

Intelligent Marketing 3.0: SenseU Interactive Advertising Kisok takes traditional marketing strategy to the dimension of "AI+" advertising, upgrading marketing from traffic-focused to user-focused, and seize new business opportunities to marketers

Usage Scenarios

Airports, train stations, and bus terminus

Malls and supermarkets, large chain stores, hotels, commercial buildings, residential neighborhoods and more