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Data Analytics Platform

Leveraging SenseTime’s integrated solution as well as its AI, computer vision, deep learning, data analytics, and other advanced technologies, this comprehensive vehicle security solution covers real-time driver and vehicle analysis; driver and behavior analysis, positioning and assistance, failure detection and diagnosis, information collection, etc. Thanks to intelligent assistant the system effectively reduces the risks of traffic accidents, ensures the safety of car travel. lessening management costs for integrators and operators.
Product Highlights

High scalability and flexibility: Compatible with a wide range of types of terminals with different scales

Robust and reliable solution: Offer a reliable system back-up strategy, failure detection, and self-diagnostic capabilities

Streamlined and economic operation: Boast efficient and effective operations and maintenance

Rich connectivity: Provide interfaces to access enterprise fleet management system

Usage Scenarios

Integrators and operators of transport vehicles (dangerous substances), long-distance logistics vehicles, buses, and others for the analysis and management of driver behavior, vehicle, and fleet