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Face Recognition Authentication

Leveraging SenseTime's leading face recognition technology, the face recognition authentication deploys user information collection, 2D and 3D liveness detection, face matching, and other functions to assist customers in implementing driver authorization securing the vehicle. The solution establishes a list of authorized drivers so as to facilitate enterprises in the automated management of employees and customers alike, thus lowering operational risk. Moreover, it provides customized driving experience through automatic seat adjustment, air conditioning set-up, and multimedia system activation. 
Product Highlights

Superior recognition accuracy: Deliver unmatched security and reliability

End-to-end solution: Provide comprehensive solution compatible with mainstream chips and modules

Cross-platform support: Support all kinds of platform integration, from end terminals to the cloud

Extensive experience: Collaborate with industry leaders from OEMs to tier 1 suppliers and boast rich implementation experience

Usage Scenarios

Ride-hailing and taxi platforms

Transport vehicles (dangerous substances)

Logistics fleet

High-end passenger cars, smart connected cars, etc.