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SenseID Authentication Service
Product Description

"Cloud + Terminal" remote authentication service
Offers a full-platform authentication service to Fin-Tech customers, the terminal device provides liveness detection, cloud verification with facial identification and other features for authentication to effectively reduce business risks in financial services.

Smart terminal authentication service
Offers an integrated offline authentication solution on smart terminal devices based on banking equipments with binocular cameras to ensure transaction security.

Product Highlights

High sensitivity: supports attribute idenfication for complex enviroments and full-frontal facial recognition

High security: applies to online authentication scenarios, such as data transmission, anti-counterfeiting detection, etc

High environmental adaptability: applies to online authentication scenarios, such as data transmission, counterfeit detection, etc

Leading face counterfeit detection technology, effectively preventing errors from printed pictures, screen remake, face masks

Multi-channel access support, widely applied to mobile, PC, offline terminal devices

Usage Scenarios

Online real-name authentication, online facial authentication for financial services

Biometric authentication platform