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Offline Financial Service Solution
Product Description

SenseTime’s offline financial service solution provides professional AI services for financial industry customers. The platform-based solution provides AI capabilities such as facial matching, portrait search and text recognition to support various financial operations, including online operations, online services, and facial recognition-based payment. The solution reduces financial risks as well as improves operation efficiency, allowing financial institutions to apply AI in all business scenarios, internal processes and the entire eco-systems.

Product Highlights

Supports local deployment and able to meet the financial industry’s security architecture standards. Also supports private cloud, microservices, high availability and other technical requirements

Fully transparent AI algorithms. Key parameters of the algorithm are fully open, easy to customized and flexible system integration

Edge computing, supporting AI processing on mobile terminals. Works with various platforms including iOS, Android, OCX, and H5

Usage Scenarios

Remote account opening

Facial recognition-based payment

ID card and bank card scanning