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SenseHello Intelligent Frontdesk
Product Description

Based on deep learning technologies, SenseHello Intelligent Reception is an intelligent application prodviding functions, such as attendance management, sign-in, reception and access control. With rapid authenticaion process, it is applicable in a wide range of venues, such as enterprises, government organizations, and public institutions.

Product Highlights

Perform multi-face recognition with 99.5% accuracy within a diameter of 4 meters in a mere tenth of a second

Easy customization and deployment with a simple online-interface to enable face-recognition access controls and attendance tracking

Support structured light 3D liveness detection in both interactive and silient modes, preventing spoof attacks by means of photos, digital projections, 3D models or masks

Recognize 50,000 faces from local databases and store up to 1,000 offline warnings

Offer one-click installation within 10 seconds and adaptation across multiple devices, anytime and anywhere

Feature multiple development interfaces and support second development and seamless integration with third party systems

Usage Scenarios

Attendance management
Government organizations, enterprises, and more

Conferences, tourist attractions, exhibition halls, and more

Buildings, hotels, and more