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SenseID Authentication Device
Product Description

SenseID assists in efficiently verifying the identity of a person. Powered by a face recognition algorithm, this device simply compares an ID holder’s face with the image on the ID, and within one second, helps prevent unauthorised access. This highly accurate device is available in two versions, an 8-inch single display or an 11.6-inch dual display.

Product Highlights

High facial recognition accuracy of 99.4% (very low error rate)

Simple, integrated design that is easy to use and offers flexible deployment possibilities

Wide range of applicable scenarios with local offline and online support

Easy to maintain system with regular software updates

Assists customer relations management

High system security that is able to effectively thwart attacks from hackers

Usage Scenarios

Offline identity verification solutions for institutions such as banks, hotels, and telecommunications companies

Offline ID verification airports, railway stations, and other major transportation hubs