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SenseKeeper Face Recognition Gatekeeper
Product Description

Based on deep learning technologies, SenseKeeper Facial Recognition Gatekeeper enables personal authentication, access control, and attendance management, in places such as offices and government buildings as well as at scenic area, to ensure intelligent security control.

Product Highlights

Complete facial recognition within 1 second, with over 99% accuracy

Recognize up to 50,000 faces from local databases

Detect and track faces in complex scenarios, including multiple faces, profiles, partial occlusion, blur, and more

Feature liveness detection preventing spoof attacks by means of 3D models, videos, pictures, masks, and wigs

Provide supports of the Internet, the Wiegand interface and other standard interfaces, and compatibility with all kinds of attendance systems

Support multiple identification modes with IC cards, face scans, and combination of the two

Usage Scenarios

Security management
Train stations, high-speed railway stations, airports,
metro stations, bus terminals, and more

Access control
Commercial buildings, office buildings, tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, residential neighborhoods, villas, and more