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SenseNebula-M Intelligent Edge Node
Product Description

Based on deep learning, SenseNebula-M Intelligent Edge Node facilitates access to cameras and access control devices, supporting image recognition, data analysis, multi-algorithm synergy, and many more. It offers a wide variety of solutions for service providers, system integrators, and resellers.

Product Highlights

Supports fast facial captures with high accuracy and reliable capturing capability

Provides millisecond-level comparison speed with support of extensive image libraries

Delivers friendly WEB UI with development interfaces

Supports customization through multi-algorithm fusions to effectively draw close to different scenarios

Offers easy installation and adapts to different use cases with options of being used independently or built into other devices

Ensures high reliability and support one-click recovery with industrial-grade designs

Usage Scenarios

Resident recognition, access control, stranger alarm, anomaly detection and analysis, key personnel alarm, behavior detection, vehicle violation, and more

Visitor recognition, VIP management, access control, gate control, and more

Classroom and Personnel Management
Synchronized Student-Parent Updates

In-vehicle personnel recognition, behavioral analysis, and traffic incident detection

Lobby VIP recognition, self-service banking applications, key areas management and control (e.g. treasury)

Combination of security systems and ID authentication devices to offer real-time access monitoring of unregistered personnel