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SenseOffice Platform
Product Description

SenseOffice Platform, empowered by SenseTime artificial intelligence technologies, supports various office scenarios, such as SOHO buildings, business parks, etc., and integrates the most advanced image algorithms and hardware that provide solutions for office scenarios, which also helps owners and managers to save costs and increase revenues while provide users with better experience.

Product Highlights

highly compatible with a number of business scenarios
business functions designed for various office scenarios such as SOHO buildings and business parks; office scenarios enabled from multiple levels

Multi-device integration
integrates most-advanced access controls, gate machines, ID authentication devices, intelligent cameras, and others

Large capacity
supports concurrent access of 100,000 portrait databases and 2,000 intelligent terminal devices to realize an accurate face recognition in milliseconds

Low O&M cost
supports single machine one-click deployment, with perfect fault detection and isolation mechanisms

High-availability framework
micro service framework design, with strong system expansibility

High security
high encryption storage of sensitive data

Usage Scenarios

Office buildings

Business parks

Government buildings

Enterprise Headquarters offices