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SensePass Face Recognition All-in-one Machine
Product Description

SensePass face recognition all-in-one machine is a safe and convenient industrial-grade device for access control. With SenseTime’s latest deep-learning algorithms, SensePass facilitates personnel access and attendance management by verifying identities It can be applied in various venues such as commercial buildings and transportation hubs for the implementation of smart access control.

Product Highlights

Fast and accurate recognition
0.3 second recognition with 99% accuracy

Slimmest and lightest in the industry thickness: 15mm , weight: 315g

Liveness detection Anti-spoofing attacks based on photos, videos or 3D printed masks

Multiple installation options Wall-mounted, 86 type mounting boxes or stands

Easy to use Plug and Play, PoEsupported

Anomaly Warning Sobotage and timeout warning

Usage Scenarios

Office buildings

High-tech zones