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SenseStudio Smart Module Empowerment Platform
Product Description

The SenseStudio Smart Module Empowerment Platform is embedded with a variety of Sensetime’s leading algorithms and a whole array of intelligent terminal devices from the Sensetime portfolio. It can be used in common spaces for purposes like campus safety, smart factory, large-scale amusement parks in scenic areas, financial innovation and smart buildings.
Integrating core algorithms such as facial recognition algorithm, structured algorithm, crowd counting algorithm, OCR, etc., SenseStudio offers frontend-to-backend multi-scenario recognition abilities. It can perform real-time video analysis, control deployment and access management in the area. Its flexible, configurable strategic space management modules and powerful AI API capabilities help customers quickly adapt AI to diversified scenarios.

Product Highlights

A whole array of algorithm capacities
integrate Sensetime‘s most advanced AI algorithm models, such as: skin tone identification, stranger clustering, OCR, object recognition, gesture recognition, etc.

Large library capacity
High-performance computing platform that supports connection to portrait libraries that handles 100,000 images and 2,000 smart terminal devices

Multi-Device Compatibility
Supports a whole series Sensetime smart devices, mainstream HD cameras, and facial image capture devices.

Multiple deployment options
Supports both private and public cloud deployment, and provides highly feasible solutions, and https encrypted data that are in conformity with enterprise architectural designs.

A diversity of easy-to-use APIs
Supported by nearly 200 AI APIs that are flexibly extendable and rapidly applicable to a variety of scenarios.

Flexible business modules
Simply drag the modules to make the product fit your needs with over 100 AI logic modules.

Usage Scenarios

Campus Safety:
Access management for campus safety
Attendance taking for activities on campus
Alerts unidentified person
Alerts and manages vehicle access

Smart Factory:
Work shift compliance management
Factory access compliance management
Factory safety reminders
Production line management

Large-scale scenic spots, amusement parks and exhibition areas:
Large-storage portrait application and multi-race recognition
Ticketing, supports individual recognition during ticket check / person-ticket association / person-ID-ticket verification
Customer behavior analysis and personalized tour experience

Financial Institution/Carrier Outlets
VIP identification, real-time big data and real-time tagging
Customer behavior analysis and personalized service
Offline customer satisfaction statistics

Smart Buildings and Industrial Parks
Employee access management
Attendance management
Visitor reservation management
Interactive facial recognition wall