Smart Health

SenseTime is focused on clinical needs to empower the entire workflow of “diagnosis-treatment-recovery”. 

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SenseCare Smart Health Platform
Product Description

Provides comprehensive solutions to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for clinical practices and empowers numerous doctors and medical institutions through industry leading AI healthcare and visualization technologies.

Product Highlights

Supports fast and accurate analysis of multiple diseases from multimodal data, such as for lung nodules, orthopedic diseases, radiotherapy planning, brain diseases and cardiovascular diseases, etc. for doctors to make a better judgement for clinical practices

Provides a variety of intelligent functions conforming to doctor's workflows for clinical diagnoses, surgical planning and follow-up management by integrating AI and 3D post-processing capabilities

Hospital-wide clinicians can access SenseCare concurrently by logging into website via computers or portable devices with strict data and user permission management

Enjoys high performance and concurrency to meet the need for simultaneous use across different departments

Keeps data inside hospitals to ensure the data security

Based on clinical applications, provides powerful visualization in medical imaging, such as 3D rendering, maximum projection image reconstruction, blood vessel reconstruction and curved planar reformation, etc

Usage Scenarios

Medical Image Diagnosis

Smart Surgery Planning

Disease Follow-up Management