With our deep learning algorithms and massive data sets, SenseTime’s smartphone solutions support intelligent terminals with face unlock, face payment, AR effects, dual-camera VR effects, smart album, portrait lighting effect, gesture recognition, and other functions

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SenseID Smartphone Face Unlock Solution
Product Description

Leveraging SenseTime’s deep learning algorithms, the SenseID Smartphone Face Unlock Solution builds on a robust foundation of face recognition and liveness detection capabilities to offer reliable functions such as face unlock, face payment and so on for smart devices.

Product Highlights

High unlock speed: Complete unlock at millisecond level

Precise liveliness detection: Robust liveness detection technology prevents hacking and 2D/3D spoofing attacks

Effective in extreme environments: Ensures precise recognition under extreme environments as well as a high pass rate under different conditions of angle, light, distance, etc

A wide range of optimal solutions: Supports and adapts to multiple platforms and modules for optimal performance

Usage Scenarios

Face unlock

Face payment