With our deep learning algorithms and massive data sets, SenseTime’s smartphone solutions support intelligent terminals with face unlock, face payment, AR effects, dual-camera VR effects, smart album, portrait lighting effect, gesture recognition, and other functions

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SenseMatrix 3D Face Reconstruction
Product Description

Leveraging 3D face reconstruction capabilities developed by deep learning technologies, the SenseMatrix 3D Face Reconstruction Solution combines multi-frame RGB images with depth maps to generate point clouds and texture maps. A rendering engine then produces a visual and editable 3D face model, enabling solutions such as 3D facial beautification and digital makeovers on smart terminals.

Product Highlights

Reconstructed 3D face model highly resembles real human faces, containing details of all the facial features. Support fine-tuning to a particular part of the face and multi-angle preview

Supports fine-tuning of the eyes, nose, forehead, chin, cheekbones, face shape. Flexible for reshaping based on actual needs

Usage Scenarios

3D facial beautification

Virtual makeup, 3D printing