With our deep learning algorithms and massive data sets, SenseTime’s smartphone solutions support intelligent terminals with face unlock, face payment, AR effects, dual-camera VR effects, smart album, portrait lighting effect, gesture recognition, and other functions

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SenseMoji Facial Expression Emulation
Product Description

Leveraging SenseTime’s deep learning algorithms, the SenseMoji Facial Expression Shift combines face detection and facial keypoints positioning technology to deliver fun and engaging smartphone user experience.

Product Highlights

Precise tracking and matching: Seamlessly matches faces and facial expressions thanks to advanced face tracking and facial keypoint positioning

Full range of possibilities: Offers a wide variety of animated effects by flawlessly capturing facial expressions and morphing them into 3D face models

Real-time experience: Supports real-time rendering to generate realistic 3D facial expressions

Cartoon effects: Boasts an extensive catalogue of popular cartoon character faces so that users can select their favorite for specific animated effects

Usage Scenarios

Animoji effects