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SenseFoundry Large Scale Intelligent Security Platform
Product Description

Based on SenseTime’s proprietary deep learning algorithms, SenseFoundry adopts SOA and micro-service architecture to support face recognition and attribute analysis, supporting real-time blacklist monitoring, trajectory tracking and more. This open platform can support up to hundreds of thousands of image sources, data processing with combination of un-structuralized features and structuralized information.

Product Highlights

Offers quick launches, micro-service architecture, and container deployment

Supports standalone and distributed deployment with seamless expandability

Supports 3 backup copies of key data to prevent data loss

Leverages GPU-based high-concurrency and second-level retrieval for large static databases with billions of images

Leverages GPU-based high-concurrency and second-level retrieval for pedestrian databases with tens of billions of images

Boasts high capacity, performance, usability, and flexibility.

Usage Scenarios

Black list management

City-scale personnel trajectory tracking