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SenseTotem Deep Learning Image Investigation System
Product Description

SenseTotem performs content-based retrieval, identity verification and image search from a database. Based on deep learning algorithms, it performs fast and accurate identification to assist administrators.

Product Highlights

High robustness. Provides accurate face search from billion-class image database, supporting images taken under complex conditions, such as blur, low light, deflection, colors, and occlusion

Quick feedback. Performs searches from huge database within seconds, and can process millions of images per hour

Case management and analysis. Offers case management and analysis based on computer vision algorithm

Customized search. Provides label customization and keyword search function to filter the search results, improving efficiency and accuracy

Multiple means of access. Supports mobile and browser/server access

Flexible deployment. Enables flexible deployment with highly-scalable GPU clusters and deep learning algorithms optimized for GPU architectures

Usage Scenarios

Identity verification

smart city management