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SenseCrowd Passenger Traffic Analysis Server
Product Description

SensCrowd Analytics Server helps administrators to reduce overcrowding, minimizing risks such as stampedes. Utilizing computer vision algorithm, SenseCrowd can be applied to public areas, amusement parks, or stadiums that might be overcrowded during special events and immediately alert administrators of the situation to prevent any incidents. It is a simple and cost-effective application for crowd control.

Product Highlights

Supports ultra-large-scale crowd analytics scenarios ( >100 persons per camera)

Built-in dual algorithm that supports crowd analysis and crowd statistics

Secured anti-interference system with embedded optimization algorithms that effectively minimizes errors from lightings, crowd obstructions and complex backgrounds

Deep learning algorithm trained with a large dataset to break through image mosaicing and recognition patterns used in traditional crowd analytics scenarios

Multi-sensor combination mode and extended zone for overall handling

Tiered alert mechanism for in-depth integration of business applications

Usage Scenarios

Major transportation hubs:
airports, train stations, and bus terminals

Public Infrastructures:
Public squares, immigration checkpoints and stadiums

High traffic areas:
amusement parks, industrial parks, and sites of important festivals