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SenseCrowd Passenger Traffic Analysis Server
Product Description

SenseCrowd Crowd Analytics System provides real-time crowd analytics with live video streams; Supports people counting, crowd density estimation, security level statistics, event type analysis and other features; Customizes standards for exceptional situations, sends alerts and aids in decision-making for the management.

Product Highlights

Supports ultra-large-scale crowd analytics scenarios ( >100 persons per camera)

Supports crowd analysis and people counting by embedded dual algorithm

Strong anti-jamming and embedded optimization algorithm can effectively minimize errors from lightings, crowd obstructions, and complex backgrounds

Deep learning algorithm trained with a large dataset to break through image mosaicing and recognition patterns used in traditional crowd analytics scenarios

Multi-sensor combination mode and extended zone for overall handling

Tiered alert mechanism for in-depth integration of business applications

Usage Scenarios

Major transportation hubs:
airports, train stations, and bus terminals

government squares, customs ports, and stadiums

High traffic areas:
amusement parks, industrial parks, and sites of important festivals