Get children prepared for the era of AI, leverage AI technologies to improve classroom management and teaching efficiency.

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Primary AI Education
Meanings of AI Education
Meanings of AI Education

To prepare children for the age of AI

The rapid development of AI is already affecting many aspects of our lives. In the past two years, AlphaGo and AlphaGo Zero defeated Lee Sedol, Ke Jie and other Go masters with remarkable capability. In the medical field, AI is also playing a significant role in helping tackle a broad range of diseases including cancer. Regardless the field of study (physics, finance, history, geography, etc.) or occupation (teacher, doctor, police, etc.) that students choose to pursue, AI is sure to become a powerful assistant in their future professions.

As a response to national strategy

In July 2017, the State Council issued the "Development Plan of New-Generation Artificial Intelligence," which clearly states the requirement to "implement national AI education projects, to set up AI courses in K12(from kindergarten to 12nd grade) schools, and promote education in programming".

To meet the demands of the times

Competition in the AI industry is all about talent and knowledge. According to statistics from the World Artificial Intelligence Industry report by Goldman Sachs, in 2017 China roughly accounted for only 5% of global AI talents, with a talent deficit of over 5 million people. In terms of primary and secondary school programming education, 12 out of every 20 American children now receive some programming education, whereas this figure stands at just 1 in 20 in China.

AI Education Ability Development System

AI mindset

MindsetThinking based on data, models, training and applications


Effectively solve problems in a creative way

Problem-solving skills

Solving real-life problems in practical projects

Exploring capability

Using imagination to explore new applications of AI technology

Being hands-on

Building a robot and programming it

Logical thinking

Applying basic programming logic

AI Education Solutions

AI Education Practices

Theoretical Knowledge

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Textbook

The textbook establishes an understanding of AI, and brings AI technologies to students and their lives. It helps them learn systematic theory and basic programming of AI. It explains complicated theories in simple terms, therefore integrating fun, practicality and operability.

Conjunction of hands and brain

SenseStudy AI Experiment Platform

The platform provides organic combination with teaching materials and supporting classroom experiments. The platform also holds a wealth of interesting supplementary experiments that use AI, to develop the child’s ability to combine theory with practice.

Applications to different subjects

SenseStudy Practical Projects

A wide range of experiments are combined with school subjects and industries, such as "AI + biology", "AI + medicine", autonomous driving, etc.

Scientific Innovation

AI Competition

In school progression evaluations, science competitions are viewed second in importance only to mathematics competitions. SenseTime offers pre-competition coaching on topic selection, cash prizes, subject training and coaching, as well as project internship opportunities to student winners.

Immersive Experience

SenseTime AI Laboratory

The laboratory combines the growing trend of AI, with displays of its applications and the results of students' AI experiments, creating an immersive learning platform for teachers and students.

Training Certification for Teachers

AI Teacher Training

Trains a group of seed teachers to improve the quality of AI teaching in China.