Get children prepared for the era of AI, leverage AI technologies to improve classroom management and teaching efficiency.

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Primary AI Education
Meanings of AI Education

Prepare Our Children for
the Era of AI

The world is changing at such an unprecedented rate that AI is now engrained in every aspect of our lives. No matter what career path your children choose to pursue, AI will be an indispensable tool in their work and daily lives.
Sensetime, with cutting-edge AI technology that empowers more than 10 vertical industries, has developed AI courses for children that reflects AI applications in autonomous driving, smart city, smart healthcare, and intelligent finance, aiming to help children explore and understand the real-life use cases of AI. The textbooks and courses willhelp children form a scientific understanding of AI, master systematic theories and basic skills pertaining to AI so that they can have a profound, rather than superficial, understanding of the term. Sensetime is committed to developing children's comprehensive abilities in activities that are fun and enjoyable to brace them for the impact of ever-changing technologies.

Why is AI education necessary

National Strategy

National Strategy – Reference to AI has been included in China’s official government work report for three consecutive years: “We will mobilize the whole country to build a strong AI nation, and the key is talent training.”

Educational Demands

Integration of AI with K-12 education is advocated by the Ministry of Education to build a pool of talents with AI skills on top of other skills.

Talent Demands

According to LinkedIn statistics, there is a shortage of 5 million AI talents in China’s

AI Education Program

AI Textbook

Universal AI Textbooks

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence converts complex AI knowledge into simple images and texts that are easy for students to understand. The course is a combination of different tasks where students learn AI knowledge while completing objectives. It allows every middle school student to learn AI knowledge and its applications, and master the frontier high-tech AI technology just like any other basic skill.

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence is the first AI textbook designed for high school students. Jointly compiled by East China Normal University, Sensetime, as well as distinguished high school teachers from Shanghai and the Commercial Press, the textbook introduces the history, concepts, principles and practical applications of AI. It is a breakthrough in the current AI universal education that combines hands-on experience in classroom teaching to fully inspire the imagination and creativity of students.

AI Experiment Platform

Open AI Experiment platform for students of all ages

SenseStudy AI Experiment Platform

A dedicated AI Experiment platform solution to the education industry

SenseStudy AI Curriculum Maker

Allows teachers to create Experiment courses for exclusive teaching experience

SenseStudy Curriculum

More than 200 hours of AI and programming education courses created by Sensetime and frontline teachers








AI Experiment Course

Project-based Step by Step AI Learning Course

AI Education Robot

Fun and entertaining AI lab education

SenseRover Mini
Programming Car

Error Control

Sensor Application


LEGO Robot

Deep Object Detection


Depth Image Classification

SenseRover Pro
Automotive Car


Modern Robot OS


AI Lab

A Space offers Immersive AI Teaching Experience





AI Education Services

Systematic and Professional AI Education Services

Classroom training

A program aiming to train a group of seed teachers in AI, where senior AI researchers assist teachers with mastering teaching content and tools and implementing curriculum and teaching in a more active and effective manner. Up to now, teachers from over 300 schools have been trained.

Winter and Summer Camp

Cultivate children's hands-on abilities, creativity, problem-solving skills and AI thinking skills through challenging activities, allowing children to feel, learn and understand AI technologies directly. We hope that when children grow up, no matter what kind of career they choose to do, they can learn to apply AI technology to solve problems in their industry more efficiently.

AI Exchange Exhibition

An international AI exchange exhibition for high school students will be held to allow students to participate with their own AI works. Excellent works will have the opportunity to be incubated into entrepreneurial projects, and pre-enrollment opportunities for some universities will also be available.