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AI-Empowered Education
SenseHello SE Campus Sign-In System
SenseHello SE Campus Sign-In System

The SenseHello SE Campus Sign-In System can be tailored to the teaching requirements of classified and scheduled classes of any school, signing-in in seconds. You can customize the system for signing-in at exams, meetings, trainings, or as a mean of staff's day-to-day attendance checking. Not only is it effective and convenient, but it also helps to prevent cheating during exams.

Usage Scenarios

Wall-hanging mode

Table-top mode

Floor-standing mode

SenseU SE Campus Entertainment System

Based on SenseTime's world-leading facial recognition technology, students can participate in interactive games that encourage them to smile more. At the same time, the SenseU SE Campus Entertainment System can be used as media for campus communications, such as posting school notice and displaying school motto.

Usage Scenarios

Laboratories in schools

School gates, corridors, stairways, etc.
Can be used for guests welcoming, promoting student interactions and making announcements, etc.

Intelligent Campus Facial Recognition Security Inspection System

The system is designed and built to keep campuses "smart" and secured, featuring the concepts of "human image visualization, refined service management, visualized data management and the efficient management of people and vehicles." It integrates access control, security videos, alarms, vehicle management, and face recognition security entrances in one system, forming a visualized management platform that is primarily protected by campus security, complemented by comprehensive monitoring by the facial recognition inspection system. It enables an all-around, visualized and controllable management of campus, and establishes a campus security system that integrates management, prevention, and control.

System Functions

Personnel identity assessments

Comprehensive personnel trajectory assessments

Precise visitor identity verification

Black-listed personnel security inspection and warnings

Smart exit for white-listed personnel