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With our augmented reality capabilities, SenseTime brings in interactive special effects for face, hands, and body.

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SenseAR Augmented Reality Platform
Product Description

The SenseAR Augmented Reality Platform provides AR solutions for the Internet entertainment industry, including short videos, live stream, image beautification, and social apps.

Product Highlights

Detects 106/240 feature points on human face for a precise extraction of the user's facial features and contour

Boasts a real-time processing speed of 5 ms/frame on mainstream smartphones

Accurately locate and track a variety of gestures and customizable definitions for gesture

Position points on the human body to detect and track limbs, and capture body movements

Accurately separate the foreground from the background, customizable special scene effects

Strong robustness for different environments

Full range of 2D/3D special effect rendering engines

Usage Scenarios

Image beautification, short videos, live streaming, social media apps and more