With our deep learning algorithms and massive data sets, SenseTime’s smartphone solutions support intelligent terminals with face unlock, face payment, AR effects, dual-camera VR effects, smart album, portrait lighting effect, gesture recognition, and other functions

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SenseAR Platform
Product Description

Leveraging SenseTime’s proprietary technologies and in collaboration with several strategic partners, the SenseAR Platform provides a complete set of AR solutions, including the underlying AR engine, AR authoring (content management tool package) tools, AR hardware and device recommendations. SenseTime is not only cultivating a dynamic AR ecosystem but enabling industries, businesses, and users everywhere to enjoy the endless possibilities of AR.

Product Highlights

Low app development costs

Cross-platform (supports Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, MacOS, and other operating systems), consistent call interface; Unity compatible; supports multiple operating systems and hardware terminals once developed; integrates AI technology, providing not only reliable 6DoF tracking and structured light 3D scanning but also the capacity to detect, identify, and understand humans and body language in addition to objects and scenes, thus meeting the different needs of wide range of AR applications

Low communications and maintenance costs:

Provides local technical support and able to respond to customer needs and resolve problems in a timely manner; algorithms can be customized and optimized, be iterated in a quick manner, and be upgraded through OTA

Usage Scenarios

Internet entertainment, games

Travel, education, advertising, healthcare, e-commerce

Interior decoration and design, architectural design

Intelligent manufacturing, maintenance assembly, and more