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Histo Pathology Diagnostic Center
As China’s first independent third-party pathological diagnosis center, Histo specializes in pathological diagnosis, CRO and & scientific research and medical big data services. It currently serves the largest number of hospitals in the country, and has therefore acquired more samples related to other pathological diagnosis organizations. It is supported by 100 or so practicing pathologists, and provides professional pathological services for basic-level hospitals and corporate clients.
  • Known as the "golden standard" in clinical diagnoses, pathological diagnosis is crucially important for medical treatment operations. However, given the complexity of pathological tissues, it is exceedingly difficult to identify lesions and diseased cells in oversized pathological images. The diagnosis process tends to be time consuming, and doctors may misdiagnose due to work fatigue. In addition, there is a serious shortage of pathologists in China, and the training period for pathologists is quite long which increases personnel costs of relevant medical institutions. As the first independent third-party pathological diagnosis center in China, Histo currently serves the largest number of hospitals in the country, and has therefore acquired the largest amounts of medical samples. It is imperative for the center to improve the efficiency and quality of its diagnosis operations in line with increases in business volume.
Commercially applied through Histo's business operations, the SenseCare®-Path Intelligent Diagnosis System is is capable of automatically detecting and analyzing abnormal found in digital pathology images, The analysis covers automatic detection and segmentation of tubular adenocarcinoma, high-grade tumors, low-grade tumors and other lesions in gastrointestinal pathological specimens, as well as malignant signet ring cells. It also assists with the generation of diagnosis reports, enabling Histo to optimize the efficiency of pathological diagnoses and conduct large-scale endoscopic pathological screening. Furthermore, SenseCare®-Path's online high-definition real-time rendering functionality is convenient and easy to use, allowing doctors to perform remote diagnosis on web pages.