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SenseTime Unveils the White Paper of the AI Digital Human, Boosting Digital Human Applications in Various Industries

May 03, 2022, Hong Kong – SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) software company, partnered with The China Augmented Reality Core Technology Industry Alliance (CARA) to jointly release the “AI Digital Human: New Momentum for Digital Economy Development” white paper. The paper provides the first-ever definition of the five development stages of digital human, analysing its core technologies and future trends.

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Mr. Tian Feng, Dean of SenseTime's Intelligence Industry Research Institute, shared his insights on the potential of digital human in empowering various industries. He said, “With the dawn of the AI era, digital human is developing into a more advanced and intelligent model which is comparable to human beings. The AI-enabled intelligent service provided by digital human can significantly increase productivity, facilitating the integration of digital economy and physical economy.”

The Five Development Stages of Digital Human

CG characters used to be the Sci-fi imaginations that only exist in video games and movies. Nowadays, digital human that can enable physical interaction and assist everyday tasks is brought to our real life.

In the white paper, SenseTime provides the original definition of the five development stages (L1 to L5) of digital human from two perspectives: Level of automation and similarity to human beings.

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AI digital human of L4 can learn from a large amount of human conversations, facial expressions, and body languages. It can achieve intelligent human-like interactions by performing natural facial expressions and body movements.

Supported by advanced deep learning technologies, AI digital human of higher level can rapidly acquire knowledge from various scenarios with its learning capabilities, becoming “expert” of a specific field. The intelligent interactions realised by AI digital human of L4 or higher can be applied in general scenarios and various industries, providing momentum for industrial transformation.

SenseTime’s AI Digital Human to Empower Industries

As the pioneer of the AI digital human, SenseTime leveraged proprietary multimodal interaction, deep learning algorithms and full stack AI-Generated Content (AIGC) to create smarter and more professional AI digital humans, enabling human-machine interactive experience.

At the 2020 World Artificial Intelligent Conference, SenseTime’s Digital Human played the role of a docent to guide tours for guests and visitors. Sense time's Digital Human also acts as a shopping guide in Guangzhou AEON Mall, as well as the customer service manager in the Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch, providing inquiry services for customers.

Moving forward, SenseTime will continue to leverage AI technologies to explore more possibilities of digital human and empower businesses for a better tomorrow.

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SenseTime’s Digital Human can serve in various scenarios including shopping malls, exhibitions, tourist attractions and banks. 

Download the full report: "AI Digital Human: New Momentum for Digital Economy Development"