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SenseTime Unveils the White Paper of Next Generation Museums in Digital World, Leveraging AI + XR Technologies to Create Engaging Cultural Experiences


August 03, 2022 – New ways of applying artificial intelligence (AI) and extended reality (XR) are bringing renewed life back to museums through preserving heritage and traditional culture while providing global audiences with access to see and experience museums’ exhibitions. SenseTime’s Intelligence Industry Research Institute jointly released the White Paper “Building a Digital World of Next Generation Museums” with the People’s Lingjing Art Development Research Institute, Sinofaith IP Investment Company (SIPIC), and Hongbo Academy of Museum from The White Paper proposes building a vibrant and interactive digital world of museums by combining 5G+AI+XR technologies to transform the museum experience.


5G+AI+XR together create a special synergy to manifest virtual representations that simulate real-life objects enabling the creation of “smart exhibits” and supporting unique immersive experiences. Through the use of 5G+AI+XR, museums can provide compelling and informative adventures that enable visitors to travel back in time or offer visitors a chance to step into another world with colorful projections and breathtaking displays.  As co-producers of the White Paper, CARA Augmented Reality Core Technology Industry Alliance, ARTiSTORY, Nreal and Rokid also provided a number of use cases.


Mr. Tian Feng, Dean of SenseTime’s Intelligence Industry Research Institute, commented, “This paper fully investigates and organizes new technologies, new applications and new trends for international museums’ digitization and digital cultural innovation, and strives to find ways to enhance people’s emotional connections and experiences as they engage with museum collections, so as to provide an important reference for the museum industry’s digitization construction. The White Paper is also approved by the industry expert committee. "

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The White Paper “Building a Digital World of Next Generation Museums”


5G+AI+XR Creates Immersive Revolutionary Experience

Traditional museums tend to offer one-way communication based on graphics and videos. Using digital technology applications, mainly 5G, AI and XR, a new era of immersive interactive media is created. The use of digital technologies reshapes the relationship between “people - collections - space”, thus enhancing the emotional connection people experience when interacting with 3D collections. The technologies transform deeply rooted humanistic stories, cultural interpretations and their extended meanings to create a truly cultural experience that resonates with the audience.


With increasing interactive experiences, people can enjoy a convenient and entertaining cultural adventure. Digitalization also promotes the inter-space “cultural integration” of collections enabling the public to enjoy richer cultural resources, while expanding museums’ limited resources for collections and exhibitions.


Cutting-edge forms of fully-immersive engagements, service experience and cultural integration not only bring the museum industry an array of online and offline ways to open up to new audiences, but also expand the boundary of traditional culture through three-dimensional digital reconstruction and interactive cultural artifacts.


Future Business Models for Museums’ Digital Development

By structuring the integration of 5G+AI+XR technology within the museum industry, the white paper also summarizes the future business model for museums’ digital development. Sharing of museum resources, wide applications of digital cultural and creative products, as well as the metaverse and digital human, have all become key elements in the wave of immersive exhibits.


Using XR glasses as an example, they will be used at the main entrance to museums’ digital world as they help visitors “approach” collections, improve users’ depth of experiencing the physical museums, or open the gate of digital museums remotely to enjoy an immersive digital culture journey anytime and anywhere.


As a leading artificial intelligence software company, SenseTime is actively expanding the value of AI technology by digitally integrating AI within the museum industry.  It is also bringing technologies such as XR navigation and guidance, digital culture creation, AI digital avatars and other technologies to the public through its SenseMARS Mixed Reality platform. 


SenseTime has successfully cooperated with the Hubei Provincial Museum, the ecosystem partners Rokid and Yun Guanbo to create the “Virtual Chime-bells from the Tomb of Marquis Yi of the Zeng State”, which, through AR technology, enables the audience to use their hands instead of the mallets to knock on the ancient musical instrument from two thousand years ago. SenseTime also cooperated with Dunhuang Culture to jointly launch the digital culture creation for Dunhuang Nine-colored Deer. This exhibit shows the touching legend of the Nine-colored Deer through integrating physical and virtual reality, endowing this traditional treasure with vibrant contemporary vitality.


SenseTime has successfully cooperated with the Hubei Provincial Museum to create the Virtual Chime-bells from the Tomb of Marquis Yi of the Zeng State


SenseTime believes that the release of this White Paper helps the museum industry implement a higher-quality digital interface, explore new scenarios and applications for 5G+AI+XR technology in invigorating traditional culture, and realize an overall, multi-dimensional transcendence of traditional culture through the use of digital technology.