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SenseTime Launches a Smart Health Lab in North America

2018-08-21 04:31

SenseTime, the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) startup, announced that it has launched a smart health laboratory in New Jersey, United States. Top-notch expert in AI-based smart health field Prof. Dimitri Metaxas has joined the lab as the Chief Scientist in Medical Image Analysis (consultant). As a front-runner in computer vision and deep learning, SenseTime has already investigated image recognition technology for computer-aided cancer diagnosis. In the future, SenseTime will focus on the research and the deployment of AI technology in healthcare field, in typical healthcare scenarios such as diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and accelerating and facilitating the development of AI + healthcare technology.

This is SenseTime’s first overseas smart health research lab. Alongside the exploration of cutting-edge AI technology in smart health, the lab will also work with medical and research institutes and enterprises in the East Coast of the U.S., aiming to provide doctors and patients better healthcare solutions enabled by AI technology. SenseTime Co-founder and CEO Dr. Li XU said, “SenseTime’s AI-based smart health lab in North America will serve as an open platform for all. We aim to propel the evolution of smart health technology, and bring more affordable, more intelligent medical and healthcare services to the world.”

The lab’s Chief Scientist in Medical Image Analysis Prof. Dimitri Metaxas said, “SenseTime is the most valuable AI startup in the world as they have the best technology in computer vision for various applications. It is definitely the right time and the right company to join as a consultant. Together we will explore the new strategic direction of AI and healthcare. With decades of working experience in this field, I will bring methods, domain knowledge and world-class experts in clinical practice. These steps will ensure that together with SenseTime’s leading computer vision technology, we will advance the necessary methods and technology to impact clinical practice.”