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  • Based on our AI-integrated Mixed Reality (MR) technology, SenseTime provides special effects for videos, live streaming, and social media apps providing end-users  with interactive and entertaining experiences. More importantly, SenseTime’s Developer Platform also provides cross-device MR solutions ranging from the underlying MR drive engines and MR content creation tools for the gaming, cultural tourism, and education industries.  

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  • X Collective General Cultural and Entertainment
    The X Collective is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMRT Experience. As a transit retail and media specialist, its capabilities extend through the value chain – from out-of-home advertising, digital marketing to commercial development, retail management and operations. With the most extensive reach, it is Singapore’s largest and most connected media and retail network. It captures millions daily with impactful advertisements, spaces and activations island-wide and engages consumers in their journeys through innovative contents and immersive experiences.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai Smart Culture and Tourism
    The Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai (MoCA Shanghai) was founded in 2005 as the first private contemporary art museum in China. Housed in the heart of Shanghai in People’s Park, its vision from the beginning has been to “gather together excellent artwork from around the world,” and to provide a platform for showcasing Chinese and international contemporary artworks.
  • Hubei Provincial Museum Smart Culture and Tourism
    The Hubei Provincial Museum, located in the Wuchang District of Wuhan, Hubei Province, is the only provincial comprehensive museum in the province and one of the best-known museums in China, with a large amount of state-level historic and cultural relics. The museum is divided into three parts: Chime Bells Exhibition Hall, Chu Culture Exhibition Hall, and Comprehensive Exhibition Building. The most famous treasure is the Chime Bells, which is the largest bronze musical instrument ever discovered. With a set of bells of different sizes, it can play various tones of the musical scale.
  • Moviebook General Cultural and Entertainment
    Moviebook is a computer vision technology company that provides smart image production services, opening up possibilities for the video production industry to generate digital native ads.
  • TCL General Cultural and Entertainment
    TCL Group is a global smart device manufacturer and Internet applications services group. It is also one of the world’s largest Smart TV brands, having launched the Thunderbird smart TV platform, TV series powered with the quantum dot technology, and more.
  • Hisense General Cultural and Entertainment
    Hisense is one of China’s first group of innovative technology companies to emerge on the global stage. A model enterprise of China’s innovation, it has twice received the National Quality Award jointly awarded by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Hisense has served as a top sponsor of the UEFA European Championship since 2016, and was also an official sponsor of the 2018 Russia World Cup.
  • Huya General Cultural and Entertainment
    Huya is China’s leading streaming platform. With game livestreams as its primary business, Huya’s content scope covers entertainment, education, outdoor, sports, and other live content. On May 11th, 2018, Huya Livestream was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming China’s top game livestream platform.
  • Weibo General Cultural and Entertainment
    Weibo is a social and microblog platform where users can write or illustrate what they see, hear, and think with a sentence or a picture into a Weibo story, and share it with their friends anytime they wish, via smartphone or computer.
  • NetEase Cloud Music Look Livestream General Cultural and Entertainment
    NetEase Cloud Music is a music-on-demand service designed for music lovers to discover and share their favorite beats. The platform relies on music recommendations from professional musicians, DJs, friends and social media functions to create a brand-new music lifestyle for its users. Meanwhile, its Look streaming platform is an online performance platform for musicians to showcase their original songs and talents.
  • B612 app General Cultural and Entertainment
    B612 is a photography app that not only allows users to take photos in various styles, record videos, and create digital graffiti, but is equipped with a wide range of built-in AR applications.
  • bilibili General Cultural and Entertainment
    Bilibili is a popular VOD platform in China, on which users can enjoy the latest animations, the most creative vlogs, and the best ACG atmosphere.
  • RED General Cultural and Entertainment
    The Red is a lifestyle app, on which users can explore their interests and passions alongside celebrities and influencers. It boasts 150 million young users, who share fashion tips, beauty tutorials, travel guides, and food reviews on a daily basis, so as to inspire a more enjoyable and trendy lifestyle.
  • Inke Livestream General Cultural and Entertainment
    A brand-new live-streaming social media platform listed on June 25, 2018, offering real-time, high-definition, and appealing live videos to millions of users.
  • Youku Tudou General Cultural and Entertainment
    An Internet video platform of the Youku Business Division under Alibaba's Culture and Entertainment Group, currently boasting a coverage of 580 million screen users and delivering 1.18 billion views every day.
  • SNOW beauty & makeup camera Snow 相机
    A trendy camera app launched by the developer Camp Mobile Inc in September 2015.
  • Meitu General Cultural and Entertainment
    A mobile internet company renowned for its beautification platform, which offers a wide range of hardware and software products in the field of beautification, such as MeituPic, BeautyCam, BeautyPlus (Makeup Plus overseas edition), SelfieCity and MakeupPlus.
  • By Butter General Cultural and Entertainment
    A refreshing photography and camera software that produces stylish photos and videos.
  • Philm-Magic Sky General Cultural and Entertainment
    A powerful camera app loaded with interesting camera features and mini games.

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