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  • SenseCare Smart Health Platform is a high-performance assisted diagnosis and treatment solution developed by SenseTime. The platform combines leading AI algorithms and rich image post-processing technology to provide smart tools for various clinical departments to facilitate the entire process of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as  help improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment planning by doctors.

    Besides SenseCare Smart Health platform, we also collaborate closely with healthcare industry partners to help them open up to new possibilities through leveraging innovative AI-enabled solutions.

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  • Qingdao West Coast New Area People's Hospital
    Qingdao West Coast New Area People's Hospital is a tertiary comprehensive hospital that engages in medical treatment, healthcare, education, scientific research, and emergency care. It is also Qingdao's designated hospital for foreigners. As Qingdao’s designated COVID-19 patient admission facility, it was responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic.
  • Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital Smart Health
    Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, is a tertiary comprehensive hospital with 4 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 4 national key disciplines disciplines, 9 national key disciplines medicine disciplines, and 4 national key disciplines 211 engineering disciplines. It is also home to some of the nation's top departments in plastic surgery, oral medicine, orthopedics, and others. As a national-level key discipline, the Ninth Hospital's orthopedic department represents the nations’ highest standards in orthopedic disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • Shanghai General Hospital Smart Health
    Shanghai General Hospital is one of the oldest comprehensive hospitals in China, and also one of China's first tertiary comprehensive hospitals. The pathology department of Shanghai General Hospital is one of the largest among out of tertiary hospitals in Shanghai and it applies uses some of the leading diagnosis technologies.
  • Histo Pathology Diagnostic Center Smart Health
    As China’s first independent third-party pathological diagnosis center, Histo specializes in pathological diagnosis, CRO and & scientific research and medical big data services. It currently serves the largest number of hospitals in the country, and has therefore acquired more samples related to other pathological diagnosis organizations. It is supported by 100 or so practicing pathologists, and provides professional pathological services for basic-level hospitals and corporate clients.

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