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Product Description
  • SensePay is a seamless and secure tablet terminal that enables payment to be made using facial verification technology, with key features such as image quality check, liveness detection, and data encryption. The terminal has a screen size of 10.1 inches and is powered by the MTK8788 processor. The depth module includes RGB and ToF cameras, and processes RGB, IR, and depth information.

Product Highlights
  • Security 

    SensePay is driven by payment-grade facial recognition and 3D liveness detection algorithms to enable payment security and effectively guard against fraudulent attempts such as forged faces from photos, paper cuttings and 3D head molds and masks. This enhanced security measure goes beyond the capabilities of traditional fingerprint and QR code payment solutions.  

    Payments can only be made via face verification, which cannot be copied or lost as a result of theft,unlike cards or mobile phones. 

  • Convenience

    The one-step face verification payment process is fast and reduces the need for extra verification steps via other biometric verification measures or code scanning.

    Fast verification speed enhances user experience by eliminating long queues and waiting time, minimizing contact and the risk of exposure during the COVID-19 outbreak containment period.

  • Compatibility and Scalability 

    Premium hardware configuration with high scalability

    Compatible with code scanners and other contactless payment methods

    Interface can be directly integrated with cash registers

    Consumer pattern and profile analyses for future implementations

  • Reliability

    Mature and stable chip-based hardware solutions 

    Stringent product quality inspection 

    Wide operating temperature range to suit various operating environments 

Usage Scenarios
Banking, Retailers, Merchant payment modules. 


Product Features
  • Image Quality

    The Image Quality module is used to ensure accurate profile matching against the database, by filtering out images that do not meet standard requirements, such as images that contain occlusion, blueness, over-exposure, or multiple faces.
  • Liveness Detection

    Liveness detection can be performed independently without human supervision by utilizing the ToF module to obtain depth information and form depth maps. It also guards against forgeries from high-definition photographs (including 2D paper and non-paper photographs), electronic screens, 3D masks and other forgery methods.
  • Encryption

    SensePay encrypts all detection and comparison of results through an encryption chip to effectively guarantee the confidentiality of user information and provide a secure payment environment.