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X Collective
The X Collective is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMRT Experience. As a transit retail and media specialist, its capabilities extend through the value chain-from out-of-home advertising, digital marketing to commercial development, retail management and operations. With the most extensive reach, it is Singapore’s largest and most connected media and retail network. It captures millions daily with impactful advertisements, spaces and activations island-wide and engages consumers in their journeys through innovative contents and immersive experiences.
  • Partnering with X Collective and Grid Synergy, SenseTime launched the ‘Smile2Vote’ campaign at Singapore Art Week (SAW) 2020, an annual literal event in Singapore that provides a platform for both home-grown and international artists to showcase their artistic creations and ventures to local and international audience. Apart from enjoying the art pieces, commuters could also cast their votes with a smile for their favorite artwork, using ‘Smile2Vote’, an interactive digital screen, placed at Singapore’s City Hall MRT Station.
The Smile2Vote application uses expression identification technology, an artificial intelligence technology developed by SenseTime, to count the number of passers-by, and identify the number of people looking at the media on top of those who smile at the screen. Through computer vision algorithm, Smile2Vote interprets the images of people looking at the screen to assess if there is a smile and if the smile is qualified as a successful vote. Then the interpretation of these data triggers the application to register the results on the screen. The system stores no personal data or identity of anyone. Simle2Vote is an engaging approach that inspires people to appreciate art more in a simple and fun way, in addition to promoting the SAW. “If only the spectators or auditors are infected by the feelings which the author has felt, it is art.” – Leo Tolstoy. This captivating idea of Leo has inspired and motivated SenseTime and its partners to come up with a voting solution that could capture the connections between the viewers’ emotions and the art pieces.