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Qingdao’s Education Bureau
Qingdao Education Bureau is located in Qingdao, Shandong, China and is part of the Government Industry. It is responsible for implementing education policies in schools in the city.
  • In early 2020, in realization of the critical role of AI in the future of society, Qingdao’s Education Bureau stepped up efforts to incorporate AI into local school curriculums to provide an education model that would truly prepare students for the future. A total of 100 schools were selected to be the pilot schools to implement AI education, namely Qingdao No.1 Middle School, Qingdao No.2 High School, Chengyang Experimental Middle School, Jiaozhou Experimental High School and Laoshan District Experimental Elementary school, etc. In support of this cause, SenseTime Artificial Intelligence Education & Research Centre (Qingdao) offered training to over 300 backbone teachers in Qingdao, as well as to another 200 teachers within the country. SenseTime now provides onboarding training for over 1,000 backbone teachers teach AI.
The fundamental AI education course developed by SenseTime provided new teaching materials, a new course syllabus, experimental learning platform, educational robots, plus laboratory and training services for instructors. To ensure suitable materials were used, SenseTime published the world’s first AI textbook for high school students -- "Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (High School Edition)" in April 2018. It has since been adopted by 40 high schools in Shanghai. In May 2019, SenseTime published the AI textbook in traditional Chinese as well, for students in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. SenseTime also developed the SenseStudy AI Experimental Platform, AI laboratory and educational robots based on its proprietary deep learning platform SenseParrots. Equipped with core AI capability, this hardware can be leveraged to develop in-class practice, homework, contests and for students to develop their own AI innovations. Students at all levels require motivation and impetus to drive them to greater achievement. To provide both competition and ongoing evaluation, SenseTime hosts international AI competitions, exchange programs and exhibitions for students to cultivate their interests in AI and give them hands-on experience in practicing and improving their AI knowledge and skills.