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Weltmeister Motors
Weltmeister is an electric car brand owned by WM Motor Technology Co Ltd, a Shanghai-based automotive company specialized in the creation of battery electric vehicles (BEV's). Weltmeister vehicles are manufactured at WM Motor's self-owned and operated manufacturing facility in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, which has an annual capacity of 100,000 units.
  • Weltmeister Motors launched its all new interactive vehicle WM EX5 in October 2018. It is Weltmeister Motor’s first mass-produced pure electric interactive SUV. The WM EX5 incorporated SenseTime’s Intelligent Cabin Sensing Products as its core technology, enabling car owners to enjoy new levels of convenience, automation and safety. In an effort to help Weltmeister Motors and at a wider level help propel the industry towards a vision of a fully immersive smart driver experience leveraging AI technology, SenseTime’s Intelligent Cabin Sensing technology uses facial recognition and video analytics to instantly identify the rightful driver to verify vehicle start while also automate configuration of customized driver settings according to driver profile
Thanks to SenseTime’s intelligent Cabin Sensing technology, the air conditioning, seats and audio system can be adjusted according to the driver’s personal settings. Benefits of this smart driver experience include improved security and reduced risk of car theft, as well as new levels of driver personalization that ensure a more interactive, dynamic and rewarding driver experience. Not only are safety and the convenience taken to all new levels, but SenseTime’s Intelligent Cabin technology enables the vehicle to be used for car-sharing. By registering and managing the information on the cloud, drivers for the car sharing services can be authenticated and authorized. Any car-sharing or extensive fleet management operation becomes easier, faster and more dynamic and secure to manage. The functions under SenseTimes’s Intelligent Cabin Sensing products and solutions are vast and include: Identity Identification Fatigue Detection Distraction Detection Facial Recognition Door Lock Track and Trace Line-Of-Sights Gesture Recognition Analysis of Passenger Attributes (Including the status of infants in car) Detection of Unattained Items AR Car Companion- Avatar This suite of functions will make any vehicle truly intelligent, digitalized, highly secure and enabled with a dynamic and personalized smart driver experience. SenseTime has been working with the automobile industry closely including first-tier companies from Europe, America and Japan, as well as domestic traditional automakers and other future vehicles. SenseTime collaborates with tier one suppliers to promote the development and commercialization of innovative visual designs for cabin environments. With high specification, high precision algorithms and easy integration, the company will establish continued in-depth cooperation with more automobile companies to promote the development of the industry and rapidly realize a future of smart travel experiences for drivers and passengers.