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Smart Health Platform
Product Description
  • The SenseCare smart diagnosis and treatment platform offers a full suite of effective AI solutions developed by SenseTime. Based on medical big data, the platform leverages high-concurrency 3D rendering technology and clinical application to empower diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for various clinical practices.

Product Highlights
  • High-concurrency applications on multiple devices

    High user concurrency to suffice the needs of all medical staff in a hospital. Doctors can access various applications via web pages with ultra-low performance requirement. 

  • Research made easier

    Semi-automatic AI annotation algorithms and the research task management mechanism have proven useful in tackling complex issues encountered in scientific research and clinical operations

  • Intelligent 3D image processing

    Users can use a diverse range of 3D post-processing functions, e.g. MPR, CPR and VR, simply by logging onto the platform

  • Data security guaranteed

    The platform operates under a strict access control framework to prevent data transfer or leakage beyond the hospital

  • Satisfies clinical service needs

    The AI application platform covers  the  entire  process  of   clinical   practices (diagnosis, treatment  and   rehabilitation ) and is customized  to  satisfy   the  needs  of   clinical  operations  and  the  requirements  for   imaging  diagnosis  and  clinical  treatments 

Usage Scenarios
Drug R&D centers
Usage Scenarios
Hospitals and clinics
Usage Scenarios
Rehabilitation centers