Fashionable Scientist: Dr. Xu Li Selected as the 2017 BAZAAR Men Innovative Entrepreneur
2017-12-11 17:12

Dr. Xu Li, A Scientist after the 1980’s. He won the Microsoft Scholar Award, presented personally by Bill Gates. In three years time, he boosts SenseTime to become an industry Unicorn valued at more than billions in USD. Thanks to him, SenseTime now provides 400 million people with Face ID, and 100 million+ mobiles with technological supports. He believes that original technology innovation can create AI business singularity.

SenseTime, adding energy to hundreds of industries Connecting our lives in all aspects of intelligent business and city management. Popular Female Chinese pop singer Jike Junyi presents award to Dr. Xu Li. The annual BAZAAR Men "Men of the Year" was recently held in Beijing where Dr. Xu Li, co-founder and CEO of SenseTime, was selected as the 2017 Innovative Entrepreneur. Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma won this award back in 2009, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li in 2010, and XiaoMi founder Lei Jun in 2011. This year marks the tenth anniversary of BAZAAR Men "Men of the Year".

In his speech, Xu Li said: "I think that current AI development allows many things exceed one’s imagination. AI can allow us to cater to thousands of people’s individual needs with unlimited customization. This must be the biggest difference brought out by AI, I think. With regards to fashion, the so-called fashion of today is high-end design only recognized by few people. In the future, every individual will use AI to bring out their own fashion; this is what I mean when I say that AI can bring out the biggest difference for everyone.

What kind of splash will the combination of AI and fashion make?

SenseTime’s original AI technology enables scenes to become more interesting, smarter and more fashionable, and promotes a new way of interacting with internet entertainment. SenseTime’s SenseAR technology provides a great deal of fashionistas and video anchors with the most up-to-date, most popular, coolest, personalized entertainment connections and advanced methods of expression. SenseAR special effects are the leading trend in mobile Internet, bringing the public a whole new experience in the areas of internet entertainment, online education, and fun games.

Dr. Xu Li, SenseTime CEO Personally interpret SenseAR Fun Sticker Effects Foreground and Background Segmentation Effect of SenseAR Filter Effect Based on Deep Learning Algorithm.