Forward Collision Warning and Pedestrian Detection Warning
Based on SenseTime’s deep learning technology, the Intelligent Emergency Braking System uses monocular cameras to detect motor and non-motor vehicles, as well as pedestrians, in real time as they pass in front of the vehicle. The system also outputs the distance between the vehicle and the recognized object, their real-time relative speeds, and the relative and absolute collision times, sending out a warning signal in the event that the warning time reaches a critical boundary.
Product Highlights
  • adapts to various weather and lighting conditions such as rain, fog, glare, and darkness

    Simultaneous detection of multiple targets within 100 meters

  • supports the detection of various motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, flatbeds, and buses, as well as non-motor vehicles such as bicycles, tricycles, and even pedestrians

    Accelerated high-efficiency FPGA heterogeneous deep learning platform, high performance, low power consumption

Usage Scenarios