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Intelligent Business Solutions
Product Description
  • Leveraging SenseTime's computer vision technology, SenseGo Intelligent Business Solutions utilize AI to digitize and intelligize offline retail. It reflects relations among customers, products and areas, providing intelligent guidance for precise operation and marketing. Major functions include member identification, customer flow data, customer attributes analysis, heatmap analysis, customer traffic flow analysis, average stay time, and etc.

Product Highlights
  • Easy Integration

    Facilitates secondary development as well as applications-layer business docking and debugging to seamlessly integrate with original retail customer systems

  • High Recognition Accuracy

    N search for Top 1 possesses an accuracy rate of over 95% (in line with dynamic database input regulations), while 1:N search for Top 1 possesses an accuracy rate of over 99% (in line with static database input regulations)

  • Scenario Adaptability

    Adapts to complex retail scenes including various offline retail scenes from large shopping centers to brand stores.

  • Strong Usability

    Utilizes system architecture of "server + cloud", making it easy to deploy, and ensuring elastic expansion and high reliability of system

  • Low cost

    Deploys all types of high-definition web and USB cameras, ensuring the reusability of original retail hardware and reducing cost 

Usage Scenarios
Achieve precise operation and marketing for the retail industry
Usage Scenarios
Automobile 4S Store, Shopping Centersses