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Offline Smart Network
Product Description
  • SenseTime's Offline Smart Network provides comprehensive suite of Products for the intelligent upgrade of financial sector’s offline network, enables full control over cash area, office area and service area, performs active identification and behavioural characteristics analysis on customers, and carries out smart upgrade on various equipment, such as ATM and VTM, to facilitate service automation.

Product Highlights
  • Multi-Level Architecture

    Supports multi-level architecture management in the form of “head office - regional office - branch”, controllable authorization and sharing of data, as well as independent and dynamic update of facial database of each site

  • Long-Lasting Equipment

    Able to directly access existing network cameras, and reduce duplication of investment construction

  • Eco-Opening

    Supports highly compatible algorithm model that quickly adapts to hardware modules and accelerates device upgrades

Usage Scenarios
VIP Recognition
Usage Scenarios
Video Teller Machine (VTM)