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Augmented Reality Platform
Product Description
  • The SenseAR Augmented Reality Platform provides AR software for the internet entertainment industry, including short videos, live streams, image beautification, and social media apps.

Product Highlights
  • Detects 106/240 feature points on the human face for a precise extraction of the user's facial features and contours

  • Boasts a real-time processing speed of 5 ms/frame on mainstream smartphones

  • Accurately locates and tracks a variety of gestures and customizable definitions for gesture

  • Position points on the human body to detect and track limbs, and capture body movements

  • Accurately separates the foreground from the background, customizable special scene effects

  • Strong robustness for different environments

  • Full range of 2D/3D special effect rendering engines

Usage Scenarios
Image Beautification, Short Videos, Live Streaming, Social Media Apps and more