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Interactive Advertising Kiosk
Product Description
  • Leveraging AI-powered technologies in computer vision, motion capture, and augmented reality (AR), the SenseU Interactive Advertising Kiosk enriches the advertising experience through interactive approach brought by virtual dance-offs and other AR technologies.  Through the interactive experience, it helps create brand awareness and loyalty.

Product Highlights
  • Precision Marketing

    Delivers highly accurate advertising recommendations based on users’ attributes

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Encourages user engagements through interactive experience powered by computer vision, motion capture, and AR technologies

  • Intelligent Marketing 3.0

    Upgrades traditional marketing strategy to the dimension of "AI+" advertising, transforming from traffic-focused to user-specific, to seize new business opportunities

  • Offline-to-Online Marketing

    Creates a new wave of offline-to-online marketing with sharing of information onto social media platform by users via embedded QR codes

  • Customer Analysis

    Provides customer analysis  by facial expression analysis and engagement measurement, for strategic planning and branding

Usage Scenarios
Malls and Supermarkets, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Residential Neighborhoods and more
Usage Scenarios
Airports, Train Stations, and Bus Terminus