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SenseCare Lower Limb
Product Description
  • SenseCare Lower Limb assists doctors with precise intelligent quantitative analysis of many key parameters for patients with arthritis or joint deformities, and provides intelligent surgical planning for orthopedic surgeries.

Product Highlights
  • Accurate Segmentation and Localization of Limb Bones

    Precise key points positioning of lower limb bones including femur and tibia

  • Intelligent Measurement of Lower Limb Alignment

    Automatically generates parameter measurement of lower limb alignment line to help doctors assess the degree of lower limb deformity

  • Automatic HTO (High Tibial Osteotomy) Surgical Planning

    Automatically calculates the osteotomy position, height/angle and length of the osteotomy incision for better preoperative planning

Usage Scenarios
Department of Orthopedics