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SenseCare Lung CT
Product Description
  • SenseCare Lung CT contains three main functions. It can automatically detect pulmonary nodules, pneumonia (including COVID-19) lesions and fractures, and provide comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis and structured reports for radiologists.

Product Highlights
  • Efficient Detection of Variou Lesions

    Supports the detection of pulmonary nodules, pneumonia (including COVID-19) and rib fracture within seconds to help doctors improve screening efficiency

  • Intelligent Localization and Classification of Lesions

    Automatically locates pulmonary nodules and pneumonia lesions, provide the precise location of the fracture as well as supporting nodule classification

  • Precise Quantification Analysis

    Automatically measures key parameters such as nodule size and density, and provide a quantitative assessment of noule malignancy

  • Intelligent Follow-up Evaluation

    Automatically registers and pairs the historical images, comprehensively track changes of nodule volume, diameter and density as well as calculate the nodule doubling time

  • Automatic Report Generation

    Based on AI findings, automatically generates text descriptions in accordance with professional guidelines and helps doctors improve report writing efficiency

Usage Scenarios
Department of Radiology, Department of Chest Medicine, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Medical Examination Center