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SenseCare Pathology-TCT
Product Description
  • SenseCare Pathology-TCT could efficiently assist cervical fluid-based cytology images screening and diagnosis by fast filtering abnormal exams and automatically detecting and classifying various abnormal cells, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of large-scale cervical cancer screening to relieve the pressure of pathologists.

Product Highlights
  • Cervical Fluid-based Cytology Screening

    Automatically screens malignancy in each image through the comprehensive analysis of the cell morphology and the degree of cell atypia

  • Automatic Localization and Analysis of Various Pathological Cells

    Automatically locates and analyzes abnormal cells such as LSIL,HSIL,ASC-US and ASC-H

  • Automatic Generation of Structured Report

    Automatically generates diagnostic reports based on analysis results in accordance with clinical guidelines, improving the efficiency and quality of report writing

Usage Scenarios
Department of Pathology, Independent Clinical Laboratories