Identity Verification Services
Relying on SenseTime’s leading facial recognition technology, SenseID provides integrated "Cloud + Client" solutions, including SDK software, cloud services, and integrated identity authentication terminals. Using functions such as liveness detection, card recognition, and facial comparison, SenseID ensures the authenticity of the user’s identity. SenseID reduces business risks for financial firms and mobile network operators as well as reduce human resources expenditures
Product Highlights
  • Facial recognition accuracy levels surpass the performance of the human eye and reduce

    User-friendly online interface with multiple ways of offline access and easy use

  • Supports live verification and detection, effectively blocking the usage of facial impersonations such as static images, digital projections, masks, and other types of attempted facial copying

    Integrated identity authentication terminals are high performance, low cost, easy to deploy, scalable and boast fast integration

  • Leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology ensures high accuracy of text and digital recognition

    The software can be used across mobiles, PCs, offline devices, and integrated identity authentication terminals

Usage Scenarios