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SenseTime Leverages AIGC Capability to Co-Create the Translucia Metaverse as a Force for Good with T&B Media Global


March 15, 2023, Bangkok – SenseTime will collaborate with T&B Media Global (Thailand) to bolster the infrastructural development of Translucia, Thailand’s first virtual world built to empower people to achieve happiness by contributing to, and balancing, social, economic and environmental needs. This is part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between SenseTime and T&B Media Global (Thailand) on 20 September 2022, which also covers strategic partnerships in areas such as smart cities, the metaverse as well as augmented/mixed realities (AR/MR).


Key visual illustrating the concept of “Translucia as The Infinite Universe of Interconnected Metaverses”. Credit T&B Media Global (Thailand).png

Key visual illustrating the concept of "Translucia as -- The Infinite Universe of Interconnected Metaverses". Credit: T&B Media Global (Thailand)


SenseTime strives to bridge the physical and digital worlds in Translucia with its proprietary SenseMARS Avatar[1] platform. SenseMARS Avatar will empower Translucia’s infrastructure with essential AI-generated content (AIGC) capabilities for avatar development, reinforcing the latter’s cornerstone of reinventing how people seamlessly connect, work and play in a digital space. The twin engines of SenseTime’s high-performing AIGC technology and Translucia’s vision of transforming businesses across sectors will propel a sustainable and interactive digital world that creates a positive Whole-of-Society impact.


Unveiling event of Translucia held in Bangok. Credit T&B Media Global (Thailand).jpg

Unveiling event of Translucia held in Bangok. Credit: T&B Media Global (Thailand)


SenseTime’s AIGC capabilities were showcased yesterday at Translucia’s unveiling held in Bangkok as part of a preview of how SenseMARS Avatar will drive the way avatars function and interact in a future iteration of Translucia. At the event, Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp (Dr. Tan), CEO and Founder of T&B Media Global (Thailand) appeared as a hyper-realistic avatar to introduce the platform and share his vision, while the event’s emcee was also transformed into an avatar who transported the audience through an immersive journey into Translucia.


A side-by-side comparison of Dr. Tan (right) and his avatar (left), developed and powered by SenseTime.png

A side-by-side comparison of Dr. Tan (right) and his avatar (left), developed and powered by SenseTime


“For Translucia to be an effective platform that empowers people who aspire to bring happiness to themselves and those around them, we need to work with an integrated ecosystem of like-minded partners who share the same passion and vision as we do. Hence, we are delighted to have SenseTime come on board to support our endeavours through their advanced AI capabilities that will allow us to build more immersive and interactive user experiences in Translucia.” said Dr. Tan.


“As one of the pioneering partners of Translucia, SenseTime is excited to join forces with T&B Media Global (Thailand) to co-create an AI-empowered future where users can engage in meaningful interactions through their avatars. The anchoring of Translucia’s infrastructure with our robust artificial intelligence technologies is built upon our dedication to advance the interconnection of the physical and digital worlds, driving sustainable productivity growth and seamless interactive experiences. We believe that the synergy with T&B Media Global (Thailand) will spark further collaborations and we look forward to closely working together to uplift the local community in areas such as AIGC, Smart City, Smart Business and Smart Industry.” said Dr. Xu Li, Chairman and CEO of SenseTime.

[1] SenseMARS Avatar, driven by SenseTime’s state-of-the-art perception intelligence and mixed reality technologies, automatically generates personalised avatars of different aesthetic styles from photos or videos. Its fast real-time processing speed and robust AI content generating performance supports multiple usage scenarios.