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Ethical and Responsible AI
To promote the healthy development of the new AI generation, SenseTime has established the Committee of AI Ethics and Governance, and published the Code of Ethics for AI Sustainable Development.
Sustainable AI Development
SenseTime advocates the "AI ethics that promotes human development" and calls on all institutions, enterprises, and individuals to follow the three principles of "sustainability, human-centric, and controllable technology", and to respect, understand and balance the differences between countries and regions around the world in terms of historical, cultural, social and economic development. We also call on all sides to innovate AI technologies in a responsible way so as to tackle the potential challenges facing humanity in our efforts towards SDGs and promote the common progress of human civilization.
Committee of AI Ethics and Governance
Responsible AI Practice
To form a favorable environment for industry-university-research cooperation, the AI Ethics Committee attaches great importance to fostering an external ethical ecosystem. We are committed to building SenseTime as a leading company in ethical and responsible AI through various practices.