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SenseTime Unveils Full-Stack, AI-Powered SenseAuto Intelligent Automobile Platform at Auto Shanghai 2021

SenseAuto Intelligent Automobile Solution.jpg

Shanghai – 29 Apr, 2021 – SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence company, showcased its full-stack SenseAuto Intelligent Automobile products with a suite of AI-powered features at Auto Shanghai 2021, the 19th International Automobile Industry Exhibition held during 19-28 April in Shanghai. Based on SenseTime’s advanced proprietary AI technologies, the SenseAuto product encompasses SenseAuto Cabin and SenseAuto Pilot, providing multiple smart functions, which aim to bring customers a more convenient, personalized and safer cabin experience, while providing reliable and comprehensive smart driver assistance with computer vision and multi-sensor fusion.

SenseAuto Cabin Ensures Safer Journeys on the Road

In line with the theme of “Embracing Change” of this year’s Auto Shanghai, it is the first time that SenseTime demonstrated complete SenseAuto Cabin portfolio, which consists of the SenseAuto Cabin-D Driver Monitoring System (DMS), SenseAuto Cabin-O Occupant Monitoring System (OMS), SenseAuto Cabin-K Keyless Entry, Virtual Companion and multiple in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) functions powered by augmented reality (AR).

WEY Mocha.jpg

Since 2018, SenseTime has established partnerships with over 30 automotive industry leaders, both at home and abroad to co-develop smart cabin systems. So far, its SenseAuto Cabin has been installed in over 13 million vehicles. WEY Mocha, which debuted at Auto Shanghai, is a new flagship SUV from Great Wall Motors and is equipped with the SenseAuto Cabin. The SUV was developed based on the automaker’s Smart Coffee automotive intelligence platform that fully integrates the SenseAuto Cabin-D DMS and SenseAuto Cabin-O OMS. The drivers can opt to turn on the automatic setting function of the DMS, making it hassle free to manually adjust the driver’s seat or rearview mirrors. The DMS will also trigger timely alerts when signs of dangerous driving, such as drowsiness, distraction or phone use are detected. It also provides gaze tracking for the drivers and contactless human-computer interaction with a high level of accuracy to ensure safer driving.

Chery Jetour X70 Plus Zhuge Edition.jpg

The Chery Jetour X70 Plus Zhuge Edition, one of the hottest new models of Jetour, was also displayed at the exhibition. By incorporating the SenseAuto Cabin-D and SenseAuto Cabin-O, one of the key highlights of the model is the SenseAuto Cabin Child Absence Detection function, which detects the situation when a child is accidentally left unattended in the car, and will immediately send a notification to the parents to prevent potential risks.

Virtual Companion.jpg

At SenseTime’s booth, the SenseAuto Cabin Virtual Companion leveraging SenseTime’s AI Digital Human attracted close attention. While ensuring driving safety through voice prompts, the human-like Virtual Companion communicates with users through vivid expressions, gestures and language, allowing them to enjoy multiple in-cabin entertainment functions with voice command. The product also supports a series of AR applications including beautification, makeup and fun AR special effects to capture memorable moments for users.

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“We are glad that the SenseAuto Cabin has achieved great success, which wouldn’t be possible without the solid foundation of our proprietary AI algorithm development. By empowering our partners’ platforms with our technologies, we help them streamline the R&D process to achieve higher performance. In the future, we hope to collaborate with our partners to apply AI technologies to more scenarios and bring our users a full-stack, all-scenario smart cabin products.” Said Mr. Xu Liang, Vice President of Smart Cabin Business, Mobile Intelligence Group at SenseTime. 

As SenseTime continuously works on the R&D of smart cabin products, it has also established a comprehensive quality system. Last year, SenesTime received the Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination (ASPICE) L2 certification from independent safety experts TÜV Rheinland in Germany. The certification is a formal stamp of SenseTime’s R&D capability and quality controls now in line with the world’s leading standards, and is fully capable of offering products of high performance, reliability and robustness to global OEMs and Tier-1 partners.


SenseAuto Pilot Empowers Upgraded Smart Driving

As a pioneer in autonomous driving, SenseTime also showcased the SenseAuto Pilot smart driving product with industry-leading all-scenario intelligent sensing ability powered by its deep expertise in computer vision. In addition to common traffic participants and road information, the product also recognizes long-tail scenario elements such as vehicle-lane convergence and divergence, road signs and traffic light shapes which are typical in China. The product also integrates highly accurate 3D radar sensor which ensures the system’s robustness in various driving conditions, while the multi-modal object intention prediction technology provides efficient decision-making and path-planning to enhance driving safety.

SenseAuto Pilot.jpg

The SenseAuto Pilot-P debuted at the Auto Show is equipped with a dozen advanced driving assistance for Level 2 autonomous driving and above. Besides the standard product with cameras, mmWave radar and LiDAR, SenseTime also provides flexible customization for different levels of autonomous driving, significantly accelerating the R&D process for OEMs.


As an AI software provider, SenseTime sees huge potential in transforming the automotive industry with our cutting-edge and human-centric technology offerings. SenseTime will continue to deepen cooperation with industry partners to develop more intelligent, versatile products and explore the infinite possibilities of AI to bring end-users a revolutionary automotive experience.