Face Image Investigation System
Based on face recognition technology powered by deep learning algorithm, SenseTotem specializes in identification of face images (even from blurred pictures). It provides functions of face image retrieval from vast database, identification, as well as cross-checks within one database or among multiple databases, which assists the police in identifying suspects by face
Product Highlights
  • Case management and series crimes investigation based on face recognition and identification

    Functioning in a man-machine integrated manner: by customizing tags and key words, the system is highly effective in retrieval range, speed and precision, which helps users with further investigation

  • Accurate target retrieval from database of hundreds of millions of face images (including normal, blurred, dark, reverse, beautified and occluded images)

    Available in both websites and mobile Apps

  • Retrieval results update within seconds; capacity of importing millions of face images per hour

    Highly optimized deep learning algorithm based on GPU architecture

Usage Scenarios